Hawaii Vacation Planning Help

Hi, I’m Lisa. I lived in Hawaii for 14 years, mostly on Oahu and the Big Island. I want to help you make your Hawaii Vacation the best ever and I share everything I know about traveling to Hawaii towards that goal.

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Also, I have had a HUGE itinerary written up for anyone who needs help figuring out how to plan their vacation. You can either see it online here: (Hawaii Itinerary) or download the itinerary to your computer here

Here’s some of my very best pages, in my opinion 🙂

Read the Real Scoop about Coupons in Hawaii and to Hawaii and Saving Money in Hawaii

Info about Gifts for someone going to Hawaii – I know, like they need a gift, right?!?! lol. But I still like this page. I think I thought outside the box when making it.

Best Hawaii Hotels I really put a lot of thought into this page and I keep it updated.

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