Usually, this is where I would recommend the entertainment book, but it’s not so great for Kauai, so I don’t recommend it for Kauai. If you are going to any other islands also it might be good for you. See the few Kauai Coupons in it here.

There aren’t so many opportunities for coupons on Kauai like there are on Maui and Oahu. Less people visit (maybe there’s less competition between businesses too), and the people that do visit generally seem to have more money (or are more willing to pay full price?).

Kauai is a great island – but it’s not my first choice for an inexpensive Hawaii vacation. (Oahu is). (but see my recommendations for cheap Kauai lodging here)

However, you can find some coupons. And you can find some deals in other ways. Even once you get to the island, you will see visitor magazines at the airport and at your hotel that will have coupons and savings in them.

List of Sites that have Coupons or Discounts Kauai Flight Coupons?

List of Sites that have Coupons or Discounts

Hawaii State Golf Association ~ HSGA preferred member discount card – at least a 10% discount at many Kauai golf locations.

ecouponsHawaii there are a few coupons for Hawaii here. When I checked there was one for Makana Charters that I wasn’t able to find any similar savings elsewhere. It was $10 off per person on their 5 hour snorkle and sightseeing tour. There was also a restaurant coupon and some money off apparel and videos at Safari Helicopters.

Massage Coupons this page says to stop by Plantation Cocnut Marketplace in Wailua and you’ll get half off massage coupons.

Island Helicopters Internet Specials – pay cash and save 4%

Holo Holo Charters – book online and save $15 per person.

Smith’s Fern Grotto Tours – book online and save 10%

Big Kahuna Web special book online and save money

Kauai Coupon Book and online coupon book that has some savings. Some of what they have is available elsewhere, but some isn’t.

Kauai coupons in the entertainment book – check my review or the book itself to be sure this year’s book will meet your needs, because you do have to buy it. You could still make your money back and then some though. Here’s what was in the 2011 book for Kauai: Air Ventures Hawaii 25% off small plane air tour up to 6 people, Hawaii Movie Tours 20% off 4 tickets, Dive Kauai 4 tours 25% off

Kauai Flight Coupons – Are there Any?

No, there aren’t. When flying between islands years ago there used to be such things as coupon books for the two major airlines, but they don’t do that anymore, so now your best option is to book early and online. More about flying between island here

If you are flying to Kauai from the mainland, there are many strategies you can apply to try to get the best price possible.

Maui Coupons

Oahu Coupons

Big Island Coupons