Many airlines fly direct to Maui right now. The way to find the cheapest flight is to compare prices! and keep checking prices!

I've found direct flights to kahului maui from the west coast of the us for $284 - roundtrip! from hawaiian airlines

I’ve seen flights as low as $284 from the west coast at Hawaiian. Check hawaiian and check the fare compare tool at expedia.

If you wanted to get really cut-throat you could take your best price and call a travel agent and see if they can beat it.

About Flying in to Maui

One major and two small airports on Maui

Maui has three airports – most people will fly only into Kahului:

Kahului Airport(OGG) the major airport located in Kahului Kapalua Airport(JHM), located north of Kaanapali Hana Airport(HNM), located in Hana

Stopping in Honolulu

I like hawaiian airlines!

The only way (as of January 2012 ) to get to Maui from Honolulu is to fly, either on an interisland flight or on a commuter or charter flight.

Some airlines fly directly to Maui while some go to Honolulu Airport first and either connect you to Maui or expect you to find your own way. A one way ticket from Honolulu to Maui could go for as low as $40 to as high as $100. Check current prices at Hawaiian Airlines

Flying Direct to Maui

Major airlines that fly into Maui are Hawaiian, American West (US Airways), American Airlines, Continental, Delta, and Northwest. See my post Who flys where in Hawaii for more info and direct links.

Although honestly, it’s a lot easier to just go to expedia, type in the dates you want to fly, and see what airlines turn up and what kind of prices they are offering.

So is it cheaper to make a stop in Honolulu or fly direct to Maui?

With all these choices I’m going to guess that flying directly to Maui is cheaper and easier. We can check though – I’ll make some simple queries at some of these airlines and see what I come up with. We’ll do searches from Las Vegas, NV for a baseline price in June (two months from when I am writing this), a tuesday to a tuesday.

*** These are sample prices, they WILL be different when you search!

Fly Direct to Kahului, Maui America West – $668

Fly to Honolulu with a connecting flight already figured in the price

Continental – $501

United – $501

American – $688

Hawaiian – $725

Fly to Honoluluand still have to pay way to Maui

ATA – $566 (with connecting, approx $668)

Hawaiian – $607 ($707)

I did this search again on 19 July 2010, and I got the following

Nobody flew direct without stops but a few flights connected in California and then went straight to Maui:

Delta, United, and US Airways, all at $437

and then some connected in california AND Honolulu or Kauai

American and United at $440

and then the ones that connected in California and Honolulu

United and Delta at $508

…. not bad, but it still seems to be mostly best to avoid the connections if you can.

Summary – So, flying direct looks easiest, and generally cheapest, although it seems you can still get pretty good prices by letting the airline book your connecting flight to Maui.

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