Are you flying to Hawaii and looking for cheap airline flights in September or October? Let me give you an idea of what typical flights are during these months and therefore, what a good price would be.

Also, be sure to check out my strategy on how to get a cheap flight to Hawaii anytime. Basically, it shares all the steps you can go through to ensure you are getting the best price currently available for you.

So, checking prices at Hawaiian Airlines for September, I see roundtrip between Hawaii and Las Vegas costs $378. Oahu and Los Angeles is $348. Maui and Portland is $382.

These are Hawaiian’s sale prices, so if you aren’t booking in time to hit the sale you’ll have to just check what’s available. I see $460 from San Jose to Honolulu. Not bad.

in October I see flights from San Jose to Honolulu at $369. These are all typical September and October prices with Hawaiian Airlines from the west coast, but all also good deals.

If I go to Expedia and try from the West Coast in October I see the lowest price is $419 with Delta.

From Chicago I see $653 to Honolulu in October. These are all very cheap flight prices, and if you can get something like this, just buy it. Don’t wait for prices to go down – they won’t – they’ll go up.

You can consider looking into bidding on Priceline or checking prices on Hotwire, but I go into all of that in my cheap flights strategy page.

Basically, pick your time frame, find out what a typical price is, and then do what you can to get under it. Check it every hour, then every day, but don’t wait too long.

Check for sales, check if you can use your miles, look at places like pleasant holidays for companion flys free or for $50 (this really happens sometimes) and just exhaust all avenues so you KNOW you are getting the best deal.

You could also sign up for a fare compare service that watches the fares for you and sends you emails when the price changes … like this one to hawaii.

Good luck! Lisa