beachoahuIf you are planning a vacation that will be your first time to Oahu, I can help you make it awesome.

Oahu is a wonderful 1st island to explore in Hawaii. In fact, I think it’s the best to go to for your 1st time to Hawaii because there’s tons to do and see and the prices are the best out of all the islands because the most people will be competing for your business.

There are also several options available to help you save money on Oahu, if that’s important to you.

Finally, that moment has come where you’re planning your first trip to one of the most beautiful islands in the world; Oahu, Hawaii!

When I finally took my vacation to Oahu, there were a lot more things to see and do than what was listed in travel magazines! Here are some of my personal recommendations on how to fully enjoy Oahu and what it has to offer you.

Between the crystal clear waters and natural coral reefs surrounding Oahu, I just knew the waters had to be good for some snorkeling! After checking out some snorkeling areas, I discovered the best place to snorkel and see some really cool tropical fish is at Hanauma Bay.

It was totally amazing! As soon as you enter the water, the fish literally come right up to you. You even can get some fish food to feed them! But if you go further out, you really get to see a variety of colorful exotic fish and the ocean water is so clear even at depths of ten feet or so, which makes it excellent to take underwater pictures of the marine life.

Another fun activity to do while you’re on Oahu is rent a car and explore the island. Heading up to the North Shore was a wonderful drive. There were some areas on the beach that were totally deserted. It was beautiful, and the waves were awe-inspiringly huge. I also got to stop at some shrimp farms along the way and sampled some shrimp! They were just so fresh and delicious. A definite must-do if you enjoy seafood.

Finally, I stopped at Waimea Falls Park. To truly take in the sheer beauty of Oahu, I would highly recommend you to check this nature park out. I have never seen so many different kinds of plants and flowers in one place. There were peacocks walking around and other wildlife you could see as well. The water falls there were stunning.

Of course, I had to do one “touristy” thing, while I was there. I went to my first luau: the Paradise Cove Luau. I got to make a lei using fresh flowers, plus the hula and fire dances made for great entertainment and the food was tasty. You definitely have to try the poi. I actually enjoyed it even though it looks and smells funny.