Q: Does Hawaii Have an Inter-island Ferry?

last update December 2012: Bad News! The ferry has been “thrown out” of Hawaii by the courts!

There is no more superferry! Maybe someday it will come back. I never got to utilize it. There is currently NO inter-island ferry that goes between the islands!

You can fly, or between Maui and Lanai or Molokai you may be able to take a boat. and that’s it. Here’s more info: Getting around Hawaii – Hawaii Interisland Flights

All the info below the line is what was true when the ferry was here – it is not true as of December 2010


NO LONGER TRUE .. NO MORE FERRY! For more info on its demise, read the article in the nytimes

A: Kind of! – the Hawaii Superferry is currently offering service to Maui from Honolulu and back only (the website is even down now)

Update – January 2008 Well, the ferry came and made it’s first voyage from Honolulu to Kauai and a bunch of people in Kauai decided they didn’t want it, so they got in the water on their surfboards and blocked the ferry from entering the harbor – so the coast guard had to step in escort the ferry – then a judge on Maui said the ferry couldn’t go there anymore because no Environmnetal Impact statement was ever done – so for months the people and the legislature haraunged each other about this ferry and it just sat. Then, the Governor did something that said by law the ferry could start operating again while the EIS was being done .. but only to Maui. So that’s where we are now. The ferry is going to Maui only. The current fees look to be as low as $49 one-way – compared to $69 one-way lowest availble on interisland airlines.

Currently, to get to other islands EXCEPT HONOLULU TO MAUI, you must take an inter island flight on one of the Hawaii Airlines.

There are two exceptions – normally you can find a charter or tour boat to Lanai and Molokai from the island of Maui – all the other channels between the islands are too far and too rough for ordinary boats.

This is where the superferry comes in. Personally, I plan to never fly again once it is operating. The best things about it will be the fact that cars will be able to go on the ferries (I wonder if car rental will become like snorkel rental – pick up on one island, drop off on another?) and the entertainment for the kids.

The ferries in Hawaii will take at least three times as long as air travel, so if you will only be spending one day on another island it may not be worth it to take the ferry, but otherwise it sounds great. And actually, if the lines and traffic at the airports get any worse, the ferry may be the best option in all circumstances.

I want to pick up a car in Honolulu use it three days and then takie it on the ferry to Maui one way for a 3-4 day stay. Is it being done and if so what car rental company? I would fly from Maui to the Big Island to complete our trip.

You can take it on the ferry, but if you leave it, it will cost you a $400 drop fee. ouch! It appears that is everyone’s policy at this time.

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