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Hawaii Flight Prices

alert! How much does a Plane Ticket to Hawaii Cost Right now?

Hawaii Flight Prices in November 2013 and December 2013:

Prices are really low right now! Just avoid christmas and avoid thanksgiving, and you can find $500 flights from many places, not just the west coast! Check here

March and April 2013

Gas prices back up … travel prices up … look for sales! nOthing below $400 right now – as travel gears up for the summer months. Prices will go back down in September …

from the west coast: $400 to $450 it can and will get worse from the east coast: $1400 to be expected from the midwest: $906 at expedia from texas: $890

So spring break and a looming summer is driving prices up. We will see what happens here!

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what does a flight to hawaii cost right now?

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Maui – Flight Price Trends to Maui

Kauai – Plane Ticket Prices and Trends to Kauai

Big Island – Flight Prices and Trends to the Big Island

Oahu – Flight Costs and Trends to Oahu

What is the Price for Two Round-Trip Airfare Tickets to Hawaii?

Maui – Flight Price Trends to Maui

from the west coast: $500 from the east coast: $740 from the midwest: $812 from texas: $780

Kauai – Plane Ticket Prices and Trends to Kauai

from the west coast: $490 from the east coast: $890 from the midwest: $690 from texas: $787

Big Island – Flight Prices and Trends to the Big Island

from the west coast: $590 from the east coast: $690 from the midwest: $690 from texas: $698

Oahu – Flight Costs and Trends to Oahu

from the west coast: $350 from the east coast: $600 from the midwest: $644 from texas: $625

What is the Price for Two Round-Trip Airfare Tickets to Hawaii?

The price for round-trip airfare tickets to Hawaii depends on where you are flying from, and when you are flying, but here’s some averages.

Price from the West Coast (best prices from the west coast here): Generally $300 to $450 apiece for one round trip ticket in Winter and off-season, so for two tickets you would pay $600 to $900). Prices will go up to $500 to $650 ($1000 – $1300 for two tickets) in the summer and around holidays. (california, washington, maybe oregon)

Price to Hawaii from the central mainland U.S.: Tickets will start at $600 apiece generally in the winter and offseason and hopefully won’t go up past $750. In the summer and peak season you could pay as much as $850 to $1200. (illinois, wisconsin, texas, arizona)

Airline ticket prices from the east coast: Expect to pay $850 apiece as your cheapest price in the winter and the offseason. In July, if you book early, you may still be able to find some $850 rates, but if you don’t, you could pay $1500 easy. (new york, virginia, florida)

From Alaska: In the winter and offseason, tickets start at $800. In the summer and around holidays, early book prices will start around $1000.

From Canada: British Columbia in winter: around $700 to $800. British Columbia in summer and holidays: around $1000 and up. Quebec in winter and offseason: as low as $800 but more likely around $1000. In Summer and peak seasons. Prices start at $1000 and $1100 if you book early. More if you don’t.

From Japan: In Hawaii’s low season (september, october, december except around christmas, november, except around thanksgiving, January, february, april, and may(, you can find tickets for $750 or so. In the summer, prices can start at $900 apiece if you book early.

Gas prices will affect ticket prices. If gas is going crazy above $4 a gallon here in the U.S., prices will go way up.

Each airline will have the best price sometimes and the worst price sometimes. You want to use a fare compare agent like Expedia or kayak.com. (Or, check deals at Hawaiian – they have good ones).) That way, you can make one search and instantly see which flight will have the best prices and times for you.

There is no magic formula or magic day to search on to get the best prices. My suggestion is always to start searching as early as possible. Pick one fare compare site and see what the prices are. Check again later in the day. Check again the next day. Do this for a week and see if prices fluctuate. This way, if you see a good deal on a flight you will KNOW it’s a good deal.

The DAYS that you fly make a big difference someitmes. Try playing with different leaving and arriving dates – like if you are planning on leaving on a monday and returning on a sunday, see if coming back on monday or tuesday will make a big difference. Sometimes it really does.

(everybody wants to fly on the weekends it seems, so if you can buck that trend you may be rewarded with savings.)

When my husband and I flew from Hilo to Florida, roundtrip we paid $900 apiece. The flight stopped in Chicago after 8 hours and then we flew to florida. It was long.

I wish you an awesome flight and an amazing vacation. You can’t go wrong in Hawaii :) .


January, February 2012

from the west coast: $493 from the east coast: $1073 * good price! from the midwest: $1073 * good price from texas: $1150

March 2012

from the west coast: $388 – $448 from the east coast: $695 * still a good price from the midwest: $711 * eh it’s creeping up there from texas: $707 also creeping

** remember, prices will be higher around spring break (last two weeks of march – book early if you can)

April to May 2012

OMG, gas prices are pushing the ticket prices to insane heights. Sorry!! This isn’t the worst I’ve seen …. but hopefully we don’t see that.

from the west coast: $529 :( not great from the east coast: $773 not horrible from the midwest: $733 ouch from texas: $673 not bad for texas

June to July 2012

Gas prices and summer prices are keeping flight prices quite high right now.

from the west coast: $493 :( better than last month from the east coast: $1193 ouch from the midwest: $1030 double ouch from texas: $1170 triple ouch

August, September to October 2012

from the west coast: $333 down a lot! from the east coast: $993 from the midwest: $890 from texas: $1090

November to December 2012

Prices may stay down till January when they will probably go back up. After christmas people start traveling for vacation again. gas prices are down a bit, so that’s good.

from the west coast: $330-$400 up a bit from the east coast: $600 from New York – $600? Amazing! from the midwest: $644 at expedia not bad at all from texas: $625 pretty good

January and February 2013

Travel is up, but gas prices are WAY DOWN, so it kind of balances each other out. :)

from the west coast: $350-$410 a bit high right now from the east coast: $625 from New York – $620? Still amazing! from the midwest: $690 at expedia great for now from texas: $695 good

2 Responses to “Hawaii Flight Prices”

  1. 1 Tiffany 24 April 2014 @ 5:16 pm

    Hello, I’ve been taking the advice from your website but cannot seem to find a decent price for a flight from lax to Ito (Hilo Hawaii) for July1 – July 30! My dates are flexible and I’ve been looking for the passed two weeks almost daily with no luck under $750. Should I just book now at $765 or do you think prices might get better if I wait? Thanks this is my first time purchasing tickets and would appreciate the advice!

  2. 2 Lisa 25 April 2014 @ 12:44 am

    Hmmm, that’s a hard one. How are the prices from LAX to HNL? If they are significantly better just fly to Oahu and get a connecting flight. If not I don’t know … sorry!

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