Summary: In my opinion, the best way to get between the islands is Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaii Inter Island Flights – Flight Times, Prices

One of the most frequently asked questions in my forum is “Are there any boat ferries between islands as an alternative to flying” – and the answer is “No … except for between Maui and Molokai or Lanai”

The Hawaii Superferry came and left – there is no superferry anymore. There is a ferry between Maui and Molokai or Lanai – links below.

With a few exceptions, flying is the only way to get from one island to another.

Flight times generally take under one hour, with the longest one being the Big Island to Kauai; this flight will

take almost an hour and a half.

Flight Prices

The airlines available to fly between islands are two major ones and a few smaller ones. The major airlines are: Hawaiian Airlines and Go Airlines. Aloha used to be in there too but because of Go! they went out of business. In my opinion, there is little difference between the two – book the one that fits your needs most. They have similar costs and schedules and service.

Booking online is the best method of getting a good deal on cheap airline tickets ($61 one way is the best regular price you will usually see, but you have to get these early). Sometimes there are sales though.

Historically, flights used to cost about $180 for visitors for most flights, but Interisland flight coupons were available, and Aloha Airlines had an unlimited 7 day pass for $321. However, neither of these is available anymore.

How Can I Get Cheap InterIsland Flights?

Well, unfortunately, you may find this quite hard. The best prices are found early and online. I like Hawaiian Airlines but if you are flying from Kauai to Maui you may get the best prices with Go! Airlines. You can also check Mokulele and see if there is anything there.

Expect to pay at least $61 one way. If you see anything less than this, it’s a sale, jump on it! If you wait too late (prices go up as seats sell out) or try to fly on Holidays or during busy times, you may pay quite a bit one way.

These days if you can get the $61 price from Oahu or any of the islands to Maui, the Big Island, or Kauai, then you are doing good.

Also check Hawaiian’s partner program. Maybe you could at least get some miles

The major airports in Hawaii are:

  • Honolulu International Airport (HNL) – Oahu
  • Kona International Airport (KOA) – Big Island
  • Hilo International Airport (ITO) – Big Island
  • Lihue Airport (LIH) – Kauai
  • Kahului Airport – (OGG) – Maui

    but you can also fly into:

  • Hana Airport (HNM) – Maui
  • Kalaupapa Airport (LUP) – Molokai
  • Molokai Airport (MKK) – Molokai
  • Lanai Airport (LNY) – Lanai
  • Kapalua Airport (JHM) – Maui
  • Port Allen Airport (PAK) – Kauai(some of these latter airports only support the small propeller planes, so find out beforehand and be prepared)

    More Flight times

  • Honolulu to Kahului (Maui): 35 minutes
  • Honolulu to Lihu’e (Kauai): 35 minutes
  • Honolulu to Ho’olehua (Molokai): 20 minutes
  • Honolulu to Lana’i City (Lanai): 23 minutes
  • Honolulu to Kapalua (Maui): 30 minutes
  • Honolulu to Hilo (Big Island): 45 minutes
  • Honolulu to Kona (Big Island): 40 minutesThe smaller charter airlines mostly service the neighbor islands for commuter flights, but are starting to try to expand to inter-island flights.
  • Pacific Wings
  • Mokulele Airlines(which is actually now part of Go!)
  • Island Air—- The alternatives to flying for inter-island travel —


    You can take a cruise between the islands, but you *cannot* get on for only one leg of the trip. You must take the entire cruise.


  • The Molokai Ferry

    Offering trips from Maui to Molokai

  • Lanai-Lahaina FerryThe above are the only two regular ferries between islands, the channels are just to far and rough for ferries between other islands to be feasible, especially when flights are so quick and relatively inexpensive