oahu travel advice

Let me give you free Hawaii Travel Advice! I have written some books on traveling to Hawaii, basically listing my favorite hotels, my favorite beaches, where I like to stay, and what I like to do, plus how to save money and get around. These are my gift to you, to help in planning your Hawaii vacation go smoother. You can find all the guide books here.

My best advice is in all the above books, so make sure you get your copies, but here’s some concise advice based on the questions I get the most:

My Best Hawaii Advice

Visiting during a low or shoulder season will get you the best prices and less crowding. Low season is: November to mid December and January to March, shoulder season is: April to May and mid September to October

I would recommend visiting no more than one island for each 6-7 days you are here. There’s a lot to see and do on every island, and trying to travel between islands and get a new hotel room and car eats up a lot of time.

In order to pick which island you should visit, start to think about what you really want to see and do in Hawaii. Do you want to see the volcano? that’s on the big island. Do you want to surf? Consider Oahu or Maui. Do you want miles and miles of awesome beaches? That’s Kauai.

Do you want nightlife? That’s Oahu. Do you want extreme quiet? that’s molokai or lanai. Here’s an article on which island you should visit if you want more help.

My favorite activities in Hawaii are Wild Side Specialty Tours (dolphin swims) on Oahu, Fair Wind Boat on the Big Island, and snorkeling anywhere there’s turtles. My favorite hotel is the Hilton Waikoloa.

My favorite local food is the loco moco or chicken long rice. Musubi (moo soo bee) are good too – you can get spam, chicken, hot dog, or shrimp musubi at many farmer’s markets.

So, for really personalized Hawaii advice, get each Hawaii book I have written. I try to help as much as I can!