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Hawaii Weather in March, April, and May

nice weather in hawaiiWhat is the weather in Hawaii in March, April, and May? 

The winter months are generally thought of as the rainiest times of year in Hawaii, but actually, in my experience, March and April are the rainiest, although I have been through droughts during this time period too, so anything can and does happen.

So, even though Hawaii gets most of its rain during these months, that does not mean that if you come during this time that your vacation will be ruined. 

First, all the islands have a dry side and a wet side.  For example, in the Big Island, Hilo can get 120+ inches in a year, but on almost the exact other side of the island, Puako can get only 7 inches in that same year.

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That’s because the rains come in on the East sides of all the islands, get caught by the mountains in the center, and dump all their rain so there is rarely anything left for the other side of the island.

So, if it’s raining where you are, almost for sure it will be sunny within a short drive.

As for how warm it is –  It will be warm.  Anywhere from 75 to 85 generally, with ocean temperatures at 72 to 75 degrees F.  Swimming will be wonderful.

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