pretty hawaiian sunsetSo, what is the weather in Hawaii like in September, October, and November?  These are considered fall in the mainland U.S., but in Hawaii, there is very little difference between fall, spring, summer, and winter for that matter.

In ‘fall’, the weather in Hawaii is generally very nice.  It’s warm, humid (always humid on half of the island) and can still be on the drier (as in not rainy) side.

September is generally gorgeous – an all around great time to visit. In September, the weather is transitioning between hot and not-so hot, as the temperature is generally 7 to 10 degrees cooler in the winter than summer.

In October, the weather is still awesome.  It’s warm during the day and cools down nicely when the sun goes down.

In November, it may start to get a bit cooler and rainier, but it is Hawaii, so it’s still warm and you can still swim comfortably.  I actually enjoy winter the most in Hawaii because the heat and humidity of summer are just uncomfortable for me.  November and December weather are quite comfortable, in my opinion.

Are you planning a fall trip to Hawaii? Don’t worry about the weather – it should be fine! Lisa