I like to recommend the hawaii entertainment book right off the bat. You have to buy it, but it can save you a lot of money. It’s best for oahu, but it does have a decent amount of coupons for maui – see the maui coupons here

Maui Websites that Have Coupons List

Maui Flight Coupons

How Best Can You Save Money on Maui, With or Without Coupons

Maui Websites that Have Coupons List

  • Hawaii Fun A discount activity card mostly for Maui. I have heard good things about the card. Check the participants page to see if it’s for you.
  • Maui Coupon Magazine Good stuff – this is like the coupons you will see once you get to Hawaii, but they bring it to you beforehand. nice.
  • Maui Restaurant Coupons I talk about what’s the best way to find restaurant coupons on Maui – (hint, the best way is still the entertainment book I talk about above.)
  • Maui Ocean Center 10% off if you book online – look under limited time special offers.

    Maui Flight Coupons – Is there Such a thing?


    There used to be, many years ago, such thing as coupon books for interisland flights, so this may be where people have gotten the idea that there are maui flight coupons.

    No longer. This was before there was an Internet, and I think these days people who book early and book online get the best deals. I recommend Hawaiian Airlines – check their sales and offers. There are only two airlines that fly interisland and whatever one does, the other does, so I like to recommend Hawaiian because they have been around longer (about 75 years longer than Go!) and they seem to do a bit better customer service job.

    If you are trying to fly from the mainland to Maui directly and are looking for coupons, sometimes you can find deals that the airlines are having – again check Hawaiian from the west coast. These are generally online sales though, and not really in the form of coupons, although the entertainment books (mentioned above) do occassionally have coupons off of airline tickets – like $20 off. Not much. You can get $20 or more off just by having a smart flight-buying-strategy.

    And one last recommendation – if you check with travel agents, sometimes you can find amazing deals. I have seen companion flys for $50 deals online at Pleasant Holidays before – and also see my direct flights to Maui page.

    How Best Can You Save Money on Maui, With or Without Coupons


    So, I talked a little about this on the main coupon page – as I was looking for sites that would give you 10% off just for booking online – mostly for activities – and we’ll do it again here for Maui.

    If you want to be able to save money on Maui, of course you know I like the entertainment book and you can check here to see if it will work for your vacation. There’s more than 10 restaurant coupons in the 2011 book and a luau coupon too.

    Let’s say you have a list of activities that you for surely want to do while you are on Oahu. Let’s say a downhill bike ride is one of them. Search for Maui downhill bike ride and the first thing that comes up is a link to Maui Downhill and it says right on that page “book online and save up to $40 per person”. That seems good, and maybe you’ll just want to book here.

    Or, maybe, if you are wanting to get the best price possible you can keep looking around. bikemaui.com and mauibike.com offer similar services, but at half the price of Maui downhill, even with the $40 discount.

    But what about quality?

    Well, if you go to tripadvisor, you can read reviews on all these companies. You’ll find that bikemaui.com ( Haleakala Bike Co) has the best prices plus the best reviews.

    So, if you are interested in this type of pre-booking savings, go down your list of things to do and see what kind of savings you can find – or read another example of savings I found here