Summary – rent a wreck is not around anymore with the rent-a-wreck name but there are some other discounted car rental places you could try

It’s been 9 years since I was on Maui. Does anyone know if “rent-a-wreck” is still operating near the Kahului Airport. If not, what is the best, cheap place to rent and do they(or rent a wreck) have a web site? Thanks..Linda

rent a wreck was owned by “Alma Kama” a European windsurfer.She moved her business to Pukalani(Upcountry) in 1998. She sold it in 1998. The new owner went out of business in 1999. by Paul of Maui Cruisers which offers local cars at used rates

Hi, I’m not sure about rent-a-wreck, but there are some discount rental places. Try Word of Mouth or Go to my article titled Car Scooter and Motorcycle Rentals in Hawaii and look under Maui. from Lisa