See this rack to the right? These are everywhere in Hawaii, and some have coupons. The visitors magazines at the airport and your hotel also will have coupons and discounts. Typical savings will be 10% off regular rates.

If you’d rather save 30% to 50%, keep reading!

First, let me recommend the Hawaii entertainment book for an Oahu Vacation or for Oahu residents.

It’s a huge coupon book that can literally save hundreds – like $400 or more (or less) on an Oahu vacation depending on how you use it. It’s best for 2 people, and since most coupons are buy one get one free – that’s an instant savings of 50%!

I have bought it every single year since 2003 and I review it here and list all the oahu coupons in it so you can decide if it’s a good book for you.

It’s best if you are traveling with someone to use the entertainment book, because most of their offers are buy one get one free or buy one get one half off – stuff like that.

Besides restaurant coupons there are also activity coupons like luau coupons and fishing coupons and museum coupons.

Next, I’d like to tell you about the Go Oahu Card, which is the ultimate discount saver card for Oahu – if you are super active. The above link is my complete review of it, including who may want to buy it and who may want to avoid it. You can save up to 55% with the Go Oahu Card.

Custom Oahu Explorer Pass Like a bunch of coupons without having to carry around the coupons. From the people who do the Go Oahu Card, but this one is for people who want to save money on specific activities.

Polynesian Cultural Center Coupon I talk about what’s available in the entertainment book for the polynesian cultural center.

Mr Meal Deal Oahu some good coupons for Oahu – like 50% off Tacos Ricos and Andy’s Kahuku Shrimp, $3 off.

About Sea Life Park Discounts

Skydive Hawaii Online Reservations automatic $75 off

Hawaii Vacation Coupons Lots to choose from on oahu, like some rent a car places, the battleship missouri, scuba diving ($25 off), and helicopter tours.

Several coupons in the food and travel and activities categories, plus an abundance of coupons of local interest.

Money off Tours and Shark Dives and fishing and whale watching on the north shore.

Why is Oahu the Best Island to Save Money On?

Oahu Airline and Flight Coupons – Is there such a thing?

Why is Oahu the Best Island to Save Money On?

So I always like to tell people that if they are looking to get in a really, truly budget vacation and keep their expenses to a minimum in Hawaii, then they should go to Oahu?

Why? Because Oahu is the MOST-VISITED island, and therefore there are the most people competing for your dollar. There are the most stores and shops, the most boats and cruises, the most luaus, the most kayak and bike rental places, and the most surfing instructors. These people are trying to lure your business away from their competitor and they will give discounts and price breaks to do so.

There also are the most HOTELs competing for your business too. You can get some surprising hotel deals on Oahu, like the Royal Grove hotel.

And of course, there’s the entertainment book and the go oahu card, like I mentioned up at the top of this page. The entertainment book could save you hundreds of dollars on Oahu, but it sucks for the Big Island and Kauai.

Oahu Airline and Flight Coupons – Is there such a thing?

No, there’s not – not really. I like to shop sales at Hawaiian airlines, or book a package or current deal if possible – a hawaii vacation package always seems to save at least a couple hundred dollars off buying airfare and room and car seperately.

The hawaii entertainment book sometimes has airline coupons in it, but they are not great. Maybe something like $10 off a ticket or $20 off a ticket. Sometimes you can get money off a vacation booked at someplace like expedia or hotwire though. You just have to look.

There used to be such a thing as an interisland flight coupon book – but that’s been gone for years. These days the best you can normally do is to book early and online, and to watch for sales. Sometimes there are good sales.

Found a good coupon!?? Leave me a comment below!

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