angel fish Did you know that if you get the Go Oahu Card for Oahu you will effectively get a “discount” or “coupon” for kayaking in Haleiwa on the North Shore of Oahu?

Or at least this was part of the deal when I wrote this – double check the available attractions to make sure it’s still part of what’s offered.

Basically, if you get the go oahu card, you will be trying to fit in as many things possible in one day, and if you do two or more, you can usually save a LOT of money. Which makes they go oahu card like a discount on every attraction that you manage to take in.

there is also the Go Select card for people who just plain want to get a straight up discount out of the box but don’t want to worry about ‘days’ or how many things they do in one day. (kayaking is included with the go select card, and so is stand up paddle boarding, which is also super fun).

If you are a very active vacationer though, you may want to look into the go oahu card – it has a huge potential for money saving.

So the kayaking that is included is a 4 hour rental in Haleiwa, which is on the north shore of Oahu. I’m not totally sure but this may be best in the summer when there is not high surf on the north shore. Although they probably have a plan for when there is high surf.

Kayaking in Hawaii is very fun, and the absolute best way to get out on the water and see things that you wouldn’t see otherwise. You can kayak out to islands, or to remote snorkel spots that you wouldn’t be able to get to otherwise.

Once, when I was kayaking in Hilo with my husband on a double ocean kayak, we had two humpback whales surface within about 4 feet of us. It was surreal and a little scary, but also very, very awesome. We think one was a baby. But momma was HUGE.

We also kayaked in a remote cove and had a pod of dolphins surround us. I almost got in the water with them but my husband was scared – there were so many of them! More than 50! It was amazing – they were going under the kayak and all around it and jumping in the air and there were babies and everything. This was in manuka bay on the Big island. I know you can find whales and dolphins off the coast of every island though – kauai, maui, big island and Oahu.

So anyway, look into this deal on kayaking rentals! You might figure out a way to save a lot of money! Oh, and read my review on the go oahu card here.