honolulu picHeading to Oahu for a vacation and looking for coupons and or discounts to Pearl Harbor? The Go Oahu Card includes all three pearl harbor attractions and it includes a tour that features both Pearl Harbor and Honolulu. (double check what is currently available in case attractions have changed)

This isn’t a typical coupon or discount though – the go oahu card works in a way that encourages you to attend as many activities as possible in one day to save the most money.

You’ll be buying a card for a certain number of days, and during those days you can go to every single included activity that you have time for. If you are an active vacationer you can save a lot of money – as much as 55% I’ve heard.

So, if you check out the included attractions, maybe you could do Pearl Harbor in the morning, or the Pearl Harbor and city tour in the morning, then go kayaking in the afternoon or go to a couple of the included museums, and then use the hop on hop off trolley pass in the evening – three or four attractions would put you way over the top saving money with the card.

One thing about Pearl Harbor though, is that it’s not super expensive to begin with. The arizona memorial is actually free I think, unless you get the audio tour and I think that is only $5. The Bowfin Museum is about $10 and the Mighty Mo is about $22 – so you’d have to think carefully if the card is saving you money.

If this is the only thing you wanted it for, you might be better off getting the go select card. This card can be used with no time restraints, or day restraints, but the more activities you buy, the more you save.

So, it’s not really a traditional discount, but a new kind of discount – I don’t think there is much else available for Pearl Harbor. But If you wanted you could look in the coupon books that are available at the airport and all the hotels and restaurants and see if there are any coupons available in any of them for Pearl Harbor. They are all free.

good luck saving money on Oahu! Let me know if you liked Pearl Harbor 🙂