sea life park sealThere aren’t a whole lot of actual paper coupons and discounts or promo codes for Sea Life Park on Oahu, Hawaii.

However, if you buy the Go Oahu Card, admission to Sea Life Park is free, like all the other activities.

I have an extensive write up on the Go Oahu card here, including how much money it can save you and who it is good for.

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The Go Oahu Card has been around for years now, and if I remember correctly Sea Life Park has always been one of it’s included attractions.

In fact, when I bought the go oahu card, Sea Life Park is one of the places that I went with it. It was super easy to get in – just show your card and in you go.

It won’t get you a dolphin swim, or any of the other extras that there are in sea life park though – you’ll have to pay for them separate.

Other Discount and Coupon Options for Sea Life Park

retailmenot says that if you show your Maikai card you’ll get money off of a dolphin swim. Maikai cards are the loyalty cards you get at Foodland stores on Oahu. I’m not sure if you can get one if you don’t live in Hawaii.

Other than that, there’s not any coupons available

Sea Life Park admission costs $29.99 for adults if you don’t have a Go Oahu Card.

Other programs, like the dolphin swim and the manta ray adventure and the sea lion swim (scary!) are extra.

There are coupons to other oahu activities here and you can see free things to do on Oahu too. Also see the go card’s other option: a go select card where they let you pick the activities you want to go to, and still save money and the don’t have to be done in a certain number of days.