this is the cheapest Hawaiian island to vacation on: Oahu. honolulu pic

( the cheapest Hawaiian Island to live on would be the big island)

Why is Oahu the cheapest island in Hawaii to vacation on?

It used to be mainly because if you wanted to fly to any island in Hawaii you would have to fly to Oahu and take a connecting flight and the connecting flight would cost you at least $50 and sometimes more each way.

So that gave Oahu an immediate advantage.

it is not that way anymore but Oahu is still the cheapest island because there are the most hotel and restaurant and activity choices on Oahu and the competition is so fierce for your dollar.

Plus, you may not have to rent a car.

Right in downtown Waikiki there are a ton of small, clean hotels that will provide kitchens possibly and charge you under $100 a night: One Example

and even the nicer hotels still have plenty of competitive prices and if you are searching on places like Priceline Oahu will have more participating hotels than any other island.

Also, right in downtown Waikiki is where one of the biggest and nicest beaches in all of Hawaii is. Waikiki Beach. And you can walk to it from all of the Waikiki hotels easily.

There are tons of shuttles from Waikiki to some of the closer attractions like Hanauma Bay and Pearl Harbor.

Oh, and Oahu has the Go Oahu Card, and the Custom Oahu Explorer Pass which really do save you money.

It also has the entertainment book …. Which I am hesitant to recommend these days (because the company went bankrupt and was bought out by another company in 2013) but I know they are still selling books and still accepting the coupons. the other islands don’t have these kinds of coupons for the most part, at least not on as large of a scale.

Do you have an experience to share with a cheap hawaii vacation? I’d love to hear from you!