short answer: Cheapest time is winter (say november through February) (but not around thanksgiving or christmas).

Second best time is spring (but not around spring break) or fall. If you live anywhere near the west coast, check awesome prices at Hawaiian now, or read my strategy on how to get cheap flights to hawaii.

If you are planning a vacation to Hawaii and you can go anytime, you might as well go when it’s the cheapest time to fly, and save yourself a little extra money for your activities and hotel too, right? absolutely!

Ok, Hawaii has a high or peak season (summer and holidays), a low season (fall – some spring) , and a shoulder (medium) season (winter). You want to NOT schedule your vacation in the high season if you can help it because this is when the most people will be there AND when the flight and hotel prices will be highest.

The easiest way to figure this out is to say that prices are highest any time the kids are out of school – so summer vacation, spring break, christmas break, and thanksgiving are all peak season with highest prices.

September to mid december (minus right around thanksgiving) and then after about January 4th to about mid march, and then april to end of may are all low or shoulder season. These are all the cheapest times to fly to Hawaii.

Determining the cheapest time to fly to Hawaii is so very important because of how expensive the flights are – especially when gas prices are up.

Airline flights could easily be the most expensive part of your vacation.

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